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#1  Collection of Information:

When submitting information on our site, we may collect personally identifiable information — name, address, e-mail address, and phone.  We collect this information to verify the correct shipping address, and contact information in the possibility there is a problem with your order.  This is the only reason we collect information; this information is NOT shared with any 3rd party or any party outside this company, with the exception of Clause #3


Cookies may be used during your visit to our web site.  The reason for this is when you return to our site, you may not have to re-enter the same information as last time.


When required by law to assist governmental agencies in any sort of fraud investigation or prevention, we will provide information we have.  These instances include:

– when required by law

– attempting to protect against actual or possible fraud

– investigating a fraud which has occurred.




Information collected by us is kept secure and only accessible by the owners of Kreatrix Productions.  This includes the information described in Clause #1.


Kreatrix Productions web site has a valid SSL certificate and all payment transactions are completed through a secured server.  We do not collect and/or store your credit card information, check numbers, account numbers, PayPal information, or any other payment method’s information.

Kreatrix Productions holds no liability and is indemnified from any attempt in fraud or successful fraud due to any reason. 





If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us via e-mail at info@kreatrix.productions.








This is our policy regarding returns, refunds, and order cancellations.  Please read it carefully before making any purchases on our site.




Refunds for workshops / classes are not allowed for any reason.  It is up to you to verify the workshop / class is specifically what you are looking for, and it is up to you to remember the dates/times of your workshop / class.  If an “Act of God” type situation occurs that is out of your control, the only re-course is a re-schedule of the workshop / class.


Refunds for services paid are only allowable if the client / customer has overpaid.  In this case, a refund check will be mailed to the client / customer.  It is the clients / customers responsibility to provide Kreatrix Productions with a valid mailing address within fourty-five (45) days of overpayment day.  If refund check is not processed (deposited or cashed) within ninety (90) days, the refund check will be void.  Client / customer may not request a replacement refund check.


If we agree to return / cancel an order, we will process the return transaction within thirty (30) days.  The refund will be issued via company refund check.




Orders cannot be cancelled once placed.